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    Omni-channel Ticketing
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    Customer Management

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Let Ticketing Be Effortless

JustTikit’s user-friendly, self-empowering platform lets you create
stunning, brand-centric professional event ticketing in minutes, not days.

JT Main dashboard white

Seamless and
Personalised Ticketing

You’re passionate about hosting incredible
experiences, but if you could delegate one
aspect of your work, it would be the tedious
administrative tasks. With so much on your
plate to create the perfect event, you don’t
want unnecessary distractions. That’s
where JustTikit’s intuitive, all-in-one
ticketing solution comes in for dedicated
organisers like you.

Enjoyable Ticketing that
Captivates Customers


Reliable & Always Accessible

Understanding that ticketing is missioncritical, we’ve engineered JustTikit to be incredibly dependable, eliminating any worries. With just an internet connection, you’re ready to access the JustTikit platform and effortlessly manage your events from your smartphone or any device.


User friendly

We understand that your day is filled with more important tasks than spending six hours configuring checkout flows and contingents or having lengthy conversations with your account manager. That’s why we’ve designed JustTikit to be exceptionally intuitive, allowing you to complete your tasks in the shortest possible time.


Rapid Set up

When it comes to ticketing with JustTikit, setup is a breeze. You can get up and running in just minutes, making your ticketing system uniquely yours without waiting for weeks.

Show your passion already in your ticket
shops with our fully-featured ticketing
solution for the new digital era.

The Toolkit That Simplifies
Your Ticketing, Step by Step.

Put Your Brand in the Spotlight

JustTikit allows your brand to shine at the forefront, enabling you to craft immersive, fully customised ticketing experiences aligned with your color scheme, tone of voice, and aesthetics

Your Showcase Shop

Whether you’re hosting two or 200 events per month, JustTikit’s entirely customisable event showcase empowers you to present them all in a shop that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Understand Your Customers Better

JustTikit provides complete access to marketing and sales statistics, including in-depth marketing channel analysis, enabling you to create, execute, and manage highly effective campaigns that make a real impact.

Smooth Integration with Your Preferred Tools

JustTikit seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, whether it’s social media, email, POS solutions, or access control. Our powerful integrations ensure your entire system operates seamlessly.

Simplified Management

Gain control over your ticketing operations through our comprehensive and intuitively designed platform, bringing powerful management capabilities together in one place.

Everything you need in a ticketing solution
– and all the features you always wished it had

Asset 107

Constant Accessibility

We understand the urgency of your needs, which is why we’re here for you around the clock!

Asset 108

Knowledge Hub

Access our extensive knowledge hub for all the insights you require to streamline your ticketing experience.

Asset 109

Management app

Effortlessly make on-the-go updates and scan tickets with your smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

Asset 110

Coupon's + more

Whatever creative ideas you have to captivate your visitors or enhance your sales, we’re here to support you.

Thanks to our intuitive design and
robust features, you'll be operational
in minutes, not days